the vegetable vanpire was a vanpire who loved vegetable's

like's vegetables
dislike's unknown only in the decade 1971-1977
family unknown possibly vanpires too
1971 and 1977
is he good or bad? maybe,good and bad

APPEARENCES unknown TOO!! it was unknown how the vanpire made a disapperence in his last debut ,,also he dosen't use his teeth for biteing on poeple's necks becase that would be really ugly for kids to watch and hes not really a vanpire well maybe he was a vegetable-loving-vanpire he will probably not be in a other episode becase that would maybe cost too much to put in another character in the japanese dub he was voiced

the vegetable vanpire
the vegetable vanpire in the electric company

No Title

he was a vegetable-loving vanpire