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Season 3, Episode 7
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Prankster Holiday
The incredible return-a-ball


Hector Ruiz and Marcus Barnes see the Worball Trophy Marcus ask's somthing and hector says the wordball games are just a big deal.. if the electric company looses to the pranksters,the people could lose faith then hector showed marus his quick moves then he bumped in to the trophy the doctor said hes getting marryied and the bad news is he injured his ancle and he can't play in todays wordball games then he walked off with his wife and the pranksters said that we heard your accident so we brought candy,flowers and magazines annie said ya need four players if hector can't compete that means the electrc company has to subtrack one then they start to get in to a argument hector said theres only one person that can figure this out it is wreck jeff then jeff said each number must equal players jessica said it was a accident cant you bend the roles or something jeff said i never bend the rules the pranksters started to dance and manny bumped in to the trophy just like hector (manny act like a toddler and very dumb),then the doctor was about to say where getting marryied manny already knew the doctor also said he's going to hawaii with his wife and tell manny he can't play the games just like hector. jessica knew if the other player can't play it will be even 3 againist 3 danny said that he always competes againist hector in the wordball games and if hes gone then who could compete againist me. francine said marcus is not signed in todays sports yet.after playing a few games annie scambler see's that marcus is about jump through 2 oo's in the word hook annie scrambler scrambles the word hook and jessica ruiz makes a sound effect of wreck jeff saying penalty Annie Scrambler(including Francine Carruthers)then she changed back the word hook then danny bumped in to a question its saying in the wordball games whats the one thing you can never bend? he tryed to use a answer with hammer,and a palm tree then marcus notice that nobody could bend the rules then the electric company wins. CHARACTERS keith watson hector ruiz jessica ruiz marcus barnes paul the gorilla (cameo) shock (cameo) danny rebus manny spamboni francine carruthers annie   scrambler and wreck jeff

goofs Edit

  • when jessica makes that sound of jeff saying penelty annie scrambler and annie asks why? annie should know becase she heard jeff saying i never bend the roles with the other pranksters. when keith makes a large word,francine thinks it's a joke but it is real and the word is right in her face