Samantha is a women who appared in madaime president,she also has the power to change herself from old to young she didn't look that old,she is also a newscaster and is on the news

  • she is also friends with lisa
  • she is a newscaster
  • her appaerence is alittle old
  • her enemies are francine and carol
  • lisa likes samantha

samantha came to challenge lisa and francine

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Air date 2009
Production Code not seen
Featured Words there where no zombie cats in little women
Written by unknown
Directed by unknown possibly with a directors cut in the future
Name samantha
Gender female
Age 50's,40's,or 60's
Alignment newscaster and a friend of the electric company
Friends lisa,hector and keith
Family unknown
Abilities changing her from old to young
Portrayed By unknown

make up Edit

she had old make-up on put now she can change her self for young to new,new to young