Season OneEdit

"Who doesn't?" -Lisa Heffenbacher

"Artichokes may have talent we don't know about!" -Lisa Heffenbacher; Lottie's Orangachoke

"Because looks, like credit card companys, can be deceiving," -Lisa Heffenbacher; Lost and Spaced

"He ran and plays with fans and balony!" -Lisa Heffenbacher; He's Not Heavy, He's Just Frozen

Season TwoEdit

"Mm, What do you want?" -Un-Lisa Heffenbacher; Unmuffins

"Have a muffin Jessica, have a muffin Jessica," -Un-Lisa Heffenbacher; Unmuffins

"Why if I weren't a lady I'd-" -Lisa Heffenbacher as Ginger Snap; One Smart Cookie

"It's weird, but weird can be good," -Lisa Heffenbacher; One Bad Apple