prankster planet is a fictional planet ,the planet is with the wordsuckkeruperuppnater you spot that its sucking up words annie,manny,danny and francine appared in a episode together even the planet and the wordsuckkeruppnater also manny said he built the planet which was perhaps maybe wrong becase francine is the leader but that dosen't mean that she built the planet it chould be they built it together,first they had to go to misson 1 to misson 12 it will be most possible that they past misson 13 or will go to misson 13.the planet has about alot words to suck up like likley,possible,twice,figure,eight,love and impossible the prankster planet isn't round like earth or mars it only has random stuff that moves and stuff that just stands and its in a comic book gilda is not cut on a deleted scene becase she never appared becase she never was on there anyway APPARENCES this planet has appared on many different episodes like prankster hoilday,the wordball games wiki wiki walter.the way the planet was made is a unknown mystery it is likley that the prankster's made with energy from outer space the prankster's parents are never seen on the show like francines mom.the debut this good to go now,the money.....well we don't know yet the pranksters are voiced by the same actor and actress but gilda flip is not noticed yet, it is unknown becase there untold reasons but we'll find out deleded scenes are welcome too! it will be most likley for the planet,the wordsuckkeruppnater,the prankster,marcus and jessica to appar soon in the next run,if this means that the danny rebus maker won't appar....oh well paul the gorilla is seen on the opening credits but not in animations he only apparers to be reading the comic books hector is never seen on prankster planet the only animation is if its super spy.........and that other guy,if its homemade fan-made or if the poeple deside to put him in another episode with special animation,they also made a animated version on if you go to the create art section for millatry kids and other kids not just for millatry possibly