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Annie Scrambler near the 7th button.

Prankster Planet was a show on the Electric Company about an island in space called Prankster Planet. (It's an island because the planets are round) In the show, the pranksters on Prankster Planet are planning to take over the world by removing or reversing all the words on planet Earth, and it's up to Jessica and Marcus to stop them.

There were 2 seasons of Prankster Planet. The first season was about the Wordsuckeruppernator, which was a giant ray gun that sucked up words. The duo had to press 13 buttons throughout the island to shut it down. The next season was about the Reverse of a ball, which was a giant ray gun that reversed words this time, and 8 statues had to be shut down.

The pranksters are Manny, the one who designed both giant ray guns, Francine, a bratty girl who annoys the duo, and Danny, who we don't know about yet.

Some people wonder how Marcus and Jessica got on and will escape Prankster Planet. This is unknown and is left as an exercise to the reader.


Season 1[]

  1. Mission 1 Prankster_Planet-_Mission_1_(The_Electric_Company)
  2. Mission 2 Prankster_Planet_-_Mission_2_(The_Electric_Company)
  3. Mission 3 Prankster_Planet_-_Mission_3_(The_Electric_Company)
  4. Mission 4 Prankster_Planet_-_Mission_4_(The_Electric_Company)
  5. Mission 5 Prankster_Planet_-_Mission_5_(The_Electric_Company)
  6. Mission 6 Prankster_Planet_-_Mission_6_(The_Electric_Company)
  7. Mission 7 Prankster_Planet_-_Mission_7_(The_Electric_Company)
  8. Mission 8 Prankster_Planet_-_Mission_8_(The_Electric_Company)
  9. Mission 9
  10. Mission 10
  11. Mission 11
  12. Mission 12

Season 2[]

Prankster_Planet_2-_Mission_1 Prankster_Planet_2-_Mission_2 Prankster_Planet_2-_Mission_3 Prankster_Planet_2-_Mission_4 Prankster_Planet_2-_Mission_5 Prankster_Planet_2-_Mission_6 Prankster_Planet_2-_Mission_7 Prankster_Planet_2-_Mission_8