Paul the Gorilla
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Air date 1971-2012?
Production Code CC
Featured Words none
Directed by gordon bessack
Name Paul the Gorilla
Gender male
Age unaged
Alignment the electric company
Friends Marcus, Keith, Hector, Jessica, Lisa, Shock, Mario, Jennifer
Family unknown
Abilities none

Paul is a gorilla in the Electric Company. He never says any words, he just grunts.


Paul is a very friendly gorilla, but like most gorillas, he can be wild sometimes.

Bio Edit

He helped the electric company bake 600 cookies by 5 o'clock, he also made a cameo in the wordball games. He then realized bluefoot is not real. He appeared in 2 episodes: prankster hoilday and a fistfull of confetti. He also made his first apparence in a interview. He was tricked by Danny Rebus in a chase just so Paul could be distracted. He was mad later because Annie and Danny got zeros points for not making probably a shot. Paul the Gorilla was played by Jim Boyd in seasons 1 (1971-1972)-6 (1976-1977) and Steven Freitas in season 7 (2009)-10 (2012) (which season that wasn't on TV)?.

"nothing but banana sculpure" and they messed things up. Before all this stuff happen in season 3, Paul and Sally were playing tennis together.

He appeared in prankster planet. It's not comfirmed if Sally is Paul's love intrest.


  • electric company pilot
  • trouble afoot
  • Bananas
  • Bluefoot
  • Oh Danny Boy
  • great compromise
  • season 4 off target
  • Fistfull of Confetti
  • Revenge of the Zeros word ball games
  • spooky summer sorie  unmuffins episode comics only
  • Prankster Holiday great compromise potato custom
  • The Junior Assistant
  • marcus helps out
  • switching places out
  • word ball thing
  • the thing that never glows
  • stars that shines
  • pi day
  • king of bananas
  • bannas for paul
  • going bananas
  • off on a sweet kingdom
  • king for the day
  • paul gorilla and more bananas
  • bananas is the word
  • our king bananas
  • the one thing that bananas off

Trivia Edit

  • paul is not the only gorilla to be seen,another gorilla (which is sally) is the third gorilla
  • paul changed his personailty in the 1971 show to the 2011 show
  • Since march 12th 2011 Paul has been seen in learning segments, music videos,and likley deleted scnes h
  • e just grunts to talk to people
  • according to switching places he has a grandma
  • in umuffins he might not be shown but he is contemporary probaly appearing in the comics in the episode unmuffins 
  • in stars that shine he is seen getting groceries
  • some people called him a prankster but we don't.
  • it is possible we see him in trouble afoot