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Marcus Barnes is the newest member of the Electric Company. He joined them in Season 3 and he is portrayed by Coy Stewart. Francine calls him Marty Farms. Jessica Ruiz is tasked with mentoring him, and the two work together on prankster planet during the online game.


Marcus is naive, but always ready to learn. No matter what challenge his team faces, the newest member is always ready to prove he has what it takes to be another useful member to the Electric Company.


He has math skills as his powers and uses them to effectively solve math problems.


  • In the PBS website game, Prankster Island, Marcus had stated that he hates Brussels sprouts.
  • Francine often calls Marcus the nickname, "Marty Farms".
  • Marcus' actor, Coy Stewart later went to go star on the Nickelodeon show Bella and the Bulldogs.