Hector Ruiz runs the diner and is the leader of the Electric Company.


He loves technology and is a healthy risk taker. He loves to play basketball and rap, but he also seems to be a lady-charmer, assuming most fans of his club from Out to Launch are girls.


He has the power to visually recall in minute detail anything that has occurred around him, much like a video camera. Because of this ability, he knows how to zero in on unnoticed details that can lead to important information that helps defeat the Pranksters. He can also throw wordballs like the rest of the Electric Company.

Relationships With Electric Company MembersEdit

Jessica RuizEdit

Hector and Jessica are shown to have a very close bond. He loves to support and mentor his little sister, such as in the episode, "The Limerick Slam." Jessica sometimes acts like the older sister which slightly annoys Hector.

Lisa HeffenbacherEdit

Lisa and Hector are obviously very close friends. Whenever Lisa says something a little bit strange that Hector considers "kooky", he isn't shy about telling her so. Surprisingly though, she doesn't seem to mind at all.

Keith WatsonEdit

Hector and Keith seem to have always been friends, and are both very competitive at basketball, as Keith thinks that he beat Hector at "Horse", but was a tie.

Marcus BarnesEdit

Marcus seems to look up to Hector, who in turn treats Marcus like a little brother.


Shock and Hector get along very well, probably because they both work at the Electric Diner.

Relationships With The PrankstersEdit

Danny RebusEdit

Danny and Hector have a complicated relationship. Despite being on different "sides," they still consider each other friends like in "Oh, Danny Boy" when they team up for a ping-pong tournament and Danny admits that Hector is his best friend. However, Danny can easily change his mind and be out for revenge like in "Abra-Ca-Dabra-Ca-Green." Despite their differences, there is definitely a mutual respect and friendship there, even if it doesn't always look like it. In "Jules Quest." just like Jessica said in her song with her best friend  at her surprise birthday party good friends good as gold.

Annie ScramblerEdit

He does not really know her. Not much is known about their relationship, since they do not interact much.

Francine CarruthersEdit

Like Danny, he doesn't like her. He finds her annoying and she does not like him either. she wanted to make his life for him and the others members of The Electric Company miserable.

Manny SpamboniEdit

Hector and Manny can't stand each others. Manny bullies him and the others member of electric company. They show no positive feelings.

Gilda FlipEdit

He does not really know her and never talks to her. So it is unknown if the feeling is positive or negative.


  • From the start of season 3 and onwards, Hector owns the Electric Diner.
  • Hector was absent for half of season 2.
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