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Francine Carruthers is the leader of the Pranksters.


She's a spoiled brat. She's also very selfish intelligent, and can be very dimwitted at times . When she got partnered with Lisa Heffenbacher for a science project to do, she took all the credit for it. She loves wearing bowties or usual ties with polka dots and headbands. She even has a habit of calling Marcus Barnes "Marty Farms" much to his annoyance saying "My name is Marcus Barnes!"



Danny Rebus: Francine and Danny do not like each other and Francine tries to make this very clear. Once she went out of her way just to trick Danny causing him extra pain.

Manny Spamboni: Francine and Manny work together all the time, always trying to beat The Electric Company with gadgets and wordballs.

Annie Scrambler: Francine and Annie are best friends and help each other a lot they are two female pranksters and in, "friends or aunts" Annie immediately called Francine for help.


  • Francine is only the Prankster member on Prankster Planet to have long hair and a yellow shirt.