carol the japanese-american is a american from japan and only appared on madamine president it is unknown of what happen to him just like marlon......francine wanted carol to spy on the electric company in which he did!.he is also a possible friend of francine.he looked confused of why francine was telling him to spy becase he's not a villan at first but now.francine has fooled carol into doing a foolish thing that was non of francine's bissniess,he didn't appear in anymore episodes it wasen't likley that the poeple of the show had not seen any permission of useing carol in anymore future episodes-------since carol is a japan-american.he is based on the creator of casey calloway except the creator of casey is a female,carol is also based on another female,but she is unnamed and she is also a japan-american,she was seen with francine and francine decided to put perfume on the womens book,the japan-american made a face as if francine was crazy and she was going nuts,but francine just wanted books to smell good,thats all,but she wanted to beat lisa haffenbacher in a president contest

  • this is inportant info about this boy
  • his age is likley to be in the 20's 30's or just a teen
  • ?? this will be info in the future
  • ?!?

bio Edit

carol meet francine like 4 days ago and he didn't know what to do,he also spyed on the elecric company in which that was non of his bisniess,unlike other poeple he sometimes get's confused in francine

persona Edit

he is sometimes a confuseable teen and is well known a friend to francine except he is not a prankster.

appaerences Edit

marcus helps out debut

basis Edit

he is based on the japan-american yoko ono except she is female