bushes and tree's are locatied in the center of the little lake

apparence's Edit

they appared on prankster hoilday:

bio Edit

they are based on millon's of tree's like\bushesandtree's\photo',this bushes are close to the lake about ( close) and trees are near the about ( thats even longer than

about Edit

this is a of location where it is but not what is is,becase it would mean that plants are locations.that dosen't make any sense,at ALL!!,there more like plants,but if you say something is hiding under a bush,well..that could be a location,that makes more sense,

apparence's on prankste hoilday Edit

it appared not for an hour before it made its debut the second park made a full debut,it also made a longer apparence than the first park,

returning Edit

it will be most likley for the locations in prankster hoilday to return