gallery anne scrambler looking ositive Annie Scrambler is a character on the TV show The Electric Company Edit

  • She likes to scramble things
  • She likes to hangout with Danny
  • She's friggin' EPIC
  • She is A CHAD


Danny: Annie and Danny have a close relationship in "Revenge of the Zeros". It is shown that they might have romantic chemistry.

Francine: It appears Francine and Annie are really good friends although they are seldom seen together they are the only female pranksters

Manny: Annie and Manny are often teamed up for activities such as fighting for a comic book or destroying a capsule of skelekian cheese but overall Manny is Annie's least favorite prankster

Mostafa: She views Mostafa as a fat fuck and kick him to the curb every day after lunch.

Michael: Annie believes that everyone has a good personality, but not Michael when Annie was 5 Michael sexually assaulted her leaving her traumatize and causing her to begin a life of crime, the name Michael now makes Annie's knees weak and her pussy wet(but not in a good way).