Series Name
Season 2, Episode 6
Air date February 26, 2010
Episode Guide
Madame President
The Great Compromise


Lisa, Hector, Jessica, and Keith try to save the house of J.T. Bookbinder, the author of Goodnight, Robot. Francine's mother is planning to tear it down and build a hotel called the Francine but the gang try to prove that Francine might like the book. The group must get 1,000 signatures to save the house, or else it gets torn down.

Note: In order to preserve J.T.'s house, the Electric Company dresses as the characters from Goodnight, Robot:

  • Hector as the Robot
  • Lisa as Sara, the girl in pigtails decorated with red scrunchies
    and matching pajamas (she carries a teddy bear in her arm)
  • Keith as the Dalmation
  • Jessica as the Green Alion

Everybody makes sure there are no fake signatures until Hector begins to read the book.

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